About Us


Richard and Danielle first embarked on their artistic journey in 2011 working with one of the UK’s largest publishers where they represented the works of the world’s most notable names. This lead them to work onboard both P&O & Cunard as Art directors regularly presenting lectures on featured artists and hosting some of the biggest exhibitions at sea.

This gave them an immediate love and passion for art and it was then they decided that one day they would love to open their own fine art gallery.

Fast forward 7 years and after many years of talking and preparation – Arkley Fine Art opened its doors on 14th November 2017 on Hermitage Road, Hitchin.

They look forward to welcoming you into their gallery very soon!

Danielle – Favourite Artists

The list is endless……However my 2 current favourite artists are Paul Bennett and Junaid Senekal Senechal.

Paul Bennett’s atmospheric; semi- abstract seascapes take my breath away. His use of light is nothing short of outstanding. His incredible compositions really change the character of a room.


We discovered Junaid on our travels in a beautiful town called Franschhoek in South Africa. We drove past his gallery and had to turn back instantly as it was that eye catching. Junaid uses a secret Silver technique in his work so when the light catches it reacts in the most spectacular way and you can honestly end up looking at his pieces for hours!

Richard – Favourite


Again I have a huge list of favourite artists but I will narrow it down 3.

Lhouette – Lhouette is by far one of the most exciting artists of our time. He is so unbelievably creative, continuously coming up with new ideas to keep the contemporary art world unique and fresh. His incredible use of colour brightens up any home and makes a real impact with true statement pieces.

Amanda Jackson

I fell in love with Amanda’s work from my first viewing. Her use of light is exceptional! You can see how she has taken the skills used by the old masters and brought them into the 21st century. Each one of her compositions tells a story provoking thought and conversation.

Ben Riley

Art for me isn’t just about being a good painter but having the creative imagination to bring something completely new to the table. Ben has developed his creative style through his passion for music. Creating a portrait of a musical icon using nothing but old vinyl records is something quote special.