“My butterfly art is both lyrical and realistic. The works convey the beauty of
nature as well as a simple spirit-lifting splash of colour. My work brings the beauty
of the meadow in the summer into your living room.”


With a strong connection to wildlife, Michael creates realistic butterfly art out of feathers, which are
hand painted and meticulously arranged as if floating on the wall and encased in simple acrylic
display boxes.

History and Background

"My whole life has been an adventure and at 72 years of age the fun and wonder hasn't stopped.If
anything as I've matured my outlook & ambitions have become more creative less restricted."

Ideas and Inspirations

Inspired by his fascination with nature, Michael aims to create work that is contemporary and visually
stimulating. ‘Bringing nature indoors’, each piece is created on a large scale with intricate detail that
always offers something new to see, even when looked at daily.


Commission an artwork by Michael Olsen

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