"Oil's have been the medium that got my attention because of the range one can achieve with it. Painting in oils makes it possible to describe the effects of light – to the point where it seems light is emitted by the canvas itself."


Amanda is known for her light-drenched paintings filled with remarkable detail, movement and emotion, which focuses on the beauty and light in our lives. A traditional oil painter, she concentrates on balancing shape and tone, while simultaneously exploring light, body language and colour symbolism to set atmosphere and mood. Children appear frequently in her work, spurring a sense of nostalgia.

Born in Lincolnshire in the 1970’s, Amanda went on to study Fine Art at Leicester University and at the renowned Norfolk Painting School Atelier. She currently works from her studio in Melton Mowbray.

Amanda, a self-proclaimed people watcher, believes in making her work “accessible and involving; paintings we can all relate to”. She states, “I often paint scenes about life rather than simply depicting it. Nostalgia, street scenes, childhood memories… if you feel a sense of yearning, or ‘I wish I was there’ then I’ve done my job right”.

Amanda’s work is immersive and nostalgic, easily establishing a connection with viewers and reminding us of life’s small, precise moments. This ability to relate to broad audiences makes Amanda’s work an emotive addition to any collection.


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