Angela Morris-Winmill


A passion for fashion history and precision cutting are noted in her sculptures, paintings and drawings. How we are mirrored in society, expressing ourselves with feminine and masculine strengths are ideas drawn from reading fashion history and personal expression.


Angela Morris-Winmill (born 1969 in Australia) is a figurative artist with a diverse portfolio developed in painting, sculpture and fashion art.

Her artwork is a guilty pleasure of dripping seduction. Powerful, erotic and sexually liberated, showing a carefree animalistic attitude. Influenced by pop art, she works and reworks a deliberately limited palette in her own signature style to incredible effect. With numerous sellout solo exhibitions under her belt, Angela is frequently shortlisted for the RA Summer Exhibition and has also exhibited at The Threadneedle Prize, Mall Galleries in the past.

Graduating from The University of Sydney at age 21, Angela made her way to the UK and forged an incredibly successful career in Fashion Design in London and across Europe. Often attracting impressive media attention for her work, this grounding (coupled with her strong eye for colour and detail) allowed her later transition to full time fine artist to be a natural and seamless process.

A passion for fashion and precision cutting are noted in Angela’s sculptures and paintings. How we are perceived within a specific society, our feminine and masculine strengths and how they are drawn from history and personal expression forms the basis of all works she creates. The use of skulls and bone are symbols of strength and domination often visited by her in the production of collections she creates.


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