“I love to paint the dark, damp streets of London. There is something truly magical about London in the rain. The reflections in the puddles on the pavement, and the way light just seems to bounce off of them. I love to capture those scenes that are off the beaten track. Moments which are so often missed.”


I paint mostly in oils. My style has been described as ‘Romantic Realism’. I’m happy with that. Having covered many subjects over the years my favourite might be London, which is where I was born in 1963. I’ve been painting ever since.

My paintings are often an attempt to paint a memory.
It can be quite cathartic.

Whether rough sleeping in the city, or in better times on the coast, I’ve always painted with emotion.

Some pictures seem a bit lonely, and when there are people, I sometimes like to be one of them.

For example, I’m walking away from you in ‘Tommy Gun’s’ I’m the guy walking away from you - about to duck into the phone box to avoid a woman I was once married to.

Previous commissions include The Crowned Prince of Dubai and The King of Saudi Arabia”.
If you want to commission me - maybe you’d like to be in the painting - please let the guys at Arkley know.

J Stewardson


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