Alexander Millar

Alexander Millar is one of the most popular and collectable artists working today. His paintings hang in galleries and private collections all over the world and he is continuing to gain critical acclaim for the works he produces.

David Lee of the Jackdaw magazine recently said:

“What is admirable about Alexander Millar’s paintings is that they are the product of reference and invention, as the best art should be, and they broadcast a real and touching sentiment. I recognize immediately their intimate truths. We who lived our formative years in a Britain, a materially poorer but spiritually prouder one, still affected by the aftermath of the Second World War, wont forget it. We can’t, because the image of those times is burned into our minds eye. The uniqueness of those city landscapes and horizons, dark and broken places hinted at in Millar’s work, has been largely erased from sight by boundless modernization.”

My Artwork

Battersea Sunset

£45,000.00 inc. VAT

That Friday Feeling

£1,750.00 inc. VAT

Love is …

£1,750.00 inc. VAT

The Sun Is In My Heart

£250.00 inc. VAT


Test Sale product

£600.00 £300.00 inc. VAT