David Finney

David found his love for acrylics at the age of 15 and gradually began to teach himself to make the most of this highly flexible medium. It has since become his life’s work.

David attended Manchester Polytechnic’s Foundation course; allowing him to explore 3d work and purely abstract painting for the first time.  Whilst also, continuing to paint and sell small studies of garden birds, having already developed a keen interest in birdwatching.

David has worked with the likes of National Exhibition of Wildlife Art, British Heart Foundation and the Musicians Benevolent Fund creating artwork and working on organising committees.

 Taking inspiration from the countryside, David’s appreciation and passion for wildlife vividly shows through his work. Celebrating 32 years as a professional artist, David continues to find stimulating subjects, fresh ideas and new ways to express himself through his chosen medium.

My Artwork

Wild Puffin

£720.00 inc. VAT


£720.00 inc. VAT