Emily Karasavvas

With nature as her subject Emily Karasavvas uses painting to explore the sea, mountains, sunsets and sky and the feelings of force or calm that they elicit in her. This is the inspiration for her work and comprises highly textured, dynamic and layered nature-inspired abstract paintings in acrylics which she applies using a range of different tools as well as dripping and pouring techniques.


‘When you see one of my canvasses the work has morphed from many completely different paintings along the way. So really my work is about nature, texture and colour as well as a journey of time and change’.


Emily was born in London and came to art through her work in costume for film and television.  Since studying for her BA (Hons) in Costume Design and Interpretation She has always been fascinated with the use of texture. She cherishes the collaboration between artist and nature and feels that this artistic exchange opens up many opportunities.


My Artwork

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