Using a bold palette she deconstructs and distorts the urban landscape to create a series of unique and vivid paintings.



Sarah Fosse was born in Liverpool and grew up in Jersey in the Channel Islands. Having created art since she could first pick up a pencil, she attributes her skills to genetic inheritance from her mother. Sarah has travelled extensively but settled in London in 2005 and since then the capital has been the main focus of her work. From her Central London studio Sarah portrays the stunning vistas of London using rich vibrant colours, energy and atmosphere. She has developed her own unique and instantly recognisable style, which has been inspired in some way by Fauvism. Her expressions have a joyful childlike simplicity yet are complex and sophisticated in their composition. Sarah has exhibited throughout Europe and extensively in London, including a recent sell-out solo show. Her work is collected worldwide by a growing base of fans; with original pieces becoming increasingly difficult to get hold of.



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