Rozanne Bell

Rozanne Bell was born in Zimbabwe in 1962 where she lived for 40 years.

The vibrancy, creativity and colour of her character are reflected in her work. Her expressive, bold and expansive nature embodies the topics and styles of her paintings.

Born in Zimbabwe, Rozanne developed her artistic career there, painting colourful flora and fauna of Africa, which she then personalised with her own humorous perspective. She came to Britain in 2002 and whilst her style and subject matter has since expanded greatly, the memories and influences of her native country are reflected in the vibrancy and depth of her painting. Her love of the Dorset countryside where she now lives have a huge influence in her work as she is surrounded by the beautiful coves and harbours of Cornwall.

Focusing predominantly on the contemporary taste for naïve art, Rozanne’s artistic techniques are displayed in each of her mixed mediums paintings resulting in a beautiful depth of colour and texture.

“Ever since I first picked up a paintbrush with my mother as a little girl, the compulsion to paint has dominated my life. I know that the extraordinary colours, light and contrasts of Zimbabwe where I grew up and had to leave twelve years ago, are to blame. I have not succumbed to the temptations of limited editions or mass-market prints. Each picture I paint is an original with no one painting being the same as another.”

My Artwork